Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges around energy, safety, security, productivity and global urbanization. We are uniquely positioned to blend physical products with software to support connected systems that improve homes, buildings, factories, utilities, vehicles and aircraft, and that enable a safer, more comfortable and more productive world. Our solutions enhance the quality of life of people around the globe and create new markets and even new industries. 


From retail checkout to patient care to warehouse management, Honeywell barcode scanners are built to meet your demands.

Printers and Media

Honeywell printers offer solutions for any environment or application: fixed, mobile, RFID printers; labels, receipts, tags, ribbons; software.

Enterprise Sleds

Honeywell’s Captuvo series sleds transform Apple® devices into powerful enterprise solutions. 

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility offers a comprehensive set of solutions that addresses every phase of the mobility lifecycle.

RFID Solutions

Honeywell RFID readers, antennas and tags bring intelligent data collection to a wide variety
of industries and RFID technology applications.

Vocollect Voice Solutions

Improve worker productivity with hands-free Vocollect voice technology for data collection. Our belt-worn mobile devices are a critical component of our integrated voice solution, with ideal ergonomics and powerful capability from headset, to mobile device, to host data system.

Search and Rescue

Honeywell Search and Rescue offers mission-critical services and technology to both public and private search and rescue (SAR) organizations, helping them respond rapidly and effectively in a life-saving capacity in any challenging environment.

Computer Devices

Honeywell offers a broad array of durable mobile computers designed to improve the productivity of mobile workers.

Wearable Devices

Honeywell wearable solutions provide a comfortable and easy-to-implement tool for mobile operators who regularly need to scan barcodes. 

OEM Scan Engines, Decoders & Modules

Honeywell OEM scan engines and modules deliver industry-leading, high resolution image scan performance, even on damaged or worn barcodes.

Software and Tools

Honeywell’s software and software toolkits offer functionality and powerful control for our end to end productivity solutions.

Workflow Solutions

Honeywell’s workflow solutions deliver greater worker productivity and process improvements for industrial workflows, with innovative technology applications such as voice for industrial environments and inspections.

Global Tracking & Messaging

For a continuous view of your mobile and fixed assets anywhere, Global Tracking solutions can help. We equip you to track and manage trucks, containers, ships and personnel.