Data Centers Technologies

Z-MAX Category 6A

Best-in-Class Category 6A for Future-Proof Data Centre Performance with Siemon’s Revolutionary Z-MAX 6A Cabling System.

Plug and Play Fiber

Siemon has the best performing OM3 and OM4 Multimode and Singlemode Plug and Play Fiber Data Centre Solutions.

Intelligent Infrastructure Management

MapIT G2 integrates a powerful combination of innovative Smart Patch Panels, user-friendly Master Control Panels and MapIT software to provide real-time tracking and reporting of network-wide physical layer activity.

TERA Category 7A

Siemon’s TERA 7A is the highest performing Twisted Pair Solution available.

LC BladePatch

Siemon’s LC BladePatch duplex jumper offers a unique solution for high-density fibre optic patching environments.

XGLO Fiber Optic Cabling System

The XGLO fibre system is ideal for next generation backbone or fibre-to-the-desk applications.

High-Speed Data Centre Interconnects

Data Centre Infrastructure for 10Gb Ethernet and Beyond.

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    Siemon Certified Installer/Designer Course- SUDAN

    Siemon was here :D , 12 GO PRAVO Members/Consultants are now SIEMON CERTIFIED!! preparing for the SIEMON Networking REVOLUTION.